So, You Say You Prefer Your Partner to be Circumcised? What these Women Say May Change Your Mind…


Routine infant circumcision (RIC) has recently been in decline across the U.S., with many parents deciding (correctly, in my opinion) that forcing a permanent body modification on an infant is unethical. Obviously, an infant cannot consent to such a procedure. The choice to leave one’s child “intact” is a decision more and more parents are […]

Your Child May Be Trying to Tell You Something Very Important…

Free Your Kids

Our neighbor is a convicted pedophile. He is currently in state prison for molesting his best friend’s daughter. He began sexually assaulting the child beginning at the age of six until she was in her early teens.

I only know this because a friend of mine’s wife is best friends with one of the pedophile’s […]

What is Unschooling? Imagine Every Day is Saturday.

Unschooling - It Looks Like Life

You know what a typical day during summer recess looks like? Or a normal Saturday or Sunday morning? Now, imagine that all year long, every day. That’s unschooling.

What does this look like in our house? You’ll see mom and dad puttering around the house, tidying here and there, fixing this and that, chatting, giggling, […]

“Triggers”, and How to Defeat Them

Our imperfect tree... Yet, our best one ever.

That time of year is upon us — you know, the holidays. For some, it’s a stress-fest; for me, it’s always been an extra special time for family, with one exception — setting up the tree. Growing up, the holiday season was the one time during the year that my dad was happy; as a […]

After YOUR Meltdown… Pulling Yourself Together


Today, you had a meltdown. Children have them; adults have them, too. I have mini-meltdowns a few times a week, mainly in the form of getting annoyed or agitated. I’ll often speak unkindly and say something I’ll later regret. A few months ago, I had a major meltdown. I wigged out, kicked a bottle of […]

Can Peaceful Parenting Change the World?

Mama Honey Bear

Just something I’ve been thinking about…

Perhaps we’re doing it all wrong. Maybe the idea that one man and one woman get hitched, set-up their own distinct home, and raise their children (basically alone) is the cause of many of our current societal problems.

Taking care of children is difficult. Even in a committed partnership, […]