Does Peaceful Parenting = Quiet Home? Not So Much…

What does a peaceful-parenting home look like? I won’t presume to speak for all such homes, but at first glance, ours doesn’t appear to be “peaceful”, at least in the ways many might suppose.

Our home is loud. It is raucous. The children often scream. They often shriek and squeal. Towers of blocks go crashing. Toy mowers are being pushed. Children run from room to room playing tag. Someone’s banging on metal pots with a metal spoon. Two of them are wrestling on the couch. The baby is standing at the window screeching at passing cars.

We love roughhousing. We enjoy blasting music. We often have “scream battles”. The children talk – loudly – all day long.

I often say we don’t yell in our house. This is untrue. We don’t yell at someone. We don’t use yelling as punishment. However, we must often yell to be heard over the cacophony of many small bodies making mayhem.

Sure, there are moments when things are quiet, but those moments are fleeting. We do have a nice, quiet time in the afternoon while the baby naps, but when she awakens, the rowdiness resumes.

Peaceful does not mean quiet. Peaceful, in our case, means non-violent. Peaceful means respecting each other’s rights. Peaceful means that when someone is feeling aggressed against, he/she yells “encroachment” and the offending behavior ceases.

So, if your “peaceful parenting” home is full of rambunctiousness, you’re not alone. We live out loud here.

4 comments to Does Peaceful Parenting = Quiet Home? Not So Much…

  • I love the phrase, Live out loud! This is what I strive for with my family, and with my life in general!

  • Anna

    This is wonderful to hear! I’m glad my family is not alone–your blog sounds very much like our home!

  • The baby screeching out the window at parked cars visual is HILARIOUS. And familiar. Glad that some new mama or papa might land on this post when they’re frantically scouring the web to figure out if their babe is normal. My now six year old would throw up a Black power fist and shriek like a heavy metal star often as a baby, and without provocation, though always when people were visiting. “He… does that”, I would explain to their confusion/concern. Turns out the boy came here living rock and roll, though I’d never played it. First time he heard Freddie Mercury he said “THIS is my rocky roll, mama!” Great, necessary post.

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