Classic Conversations

9 October 2012

Our oldest son, Science Kid (9),  chatting with a guy at the garage:

  • Guy:  Do you like school?
  • SK:  Oh, I’m homeschooled.
  • Guy:  Do you like that? Wouldn’t you like a break from your mom? Maybe your mom needs a break from you?
  • SK:  I love being homeschooled. I don’t need a break from my mom and dad. They teach me a lot. They teach my sisters and little brother, too.
  • Guy:  Maybe your sisters need a break. Do you torment them?
  • SK:  More than I should. But I’m working on that. I’m trying not to encroach as much.
  • Guy: <totally confused>  You’re trying not to do what-now?
  • SK:  I’m trying not to encroach. You know, not be aggressive or violate their rights. We try to be peaceful in our house. So, we don’t encroach on other people.
  • Guy:  Oh, okay.


classic conversations

25 July 2012

  • Earth Mother (then 7):  Dad, why is it against the law for people to hit animals but not to hit kids?
  • Me:  Hmmm… I’m thinking… Because hitting children is accepted as beneficial in our society?
  • EM:  I don’t think it’s right!
  • Me:  I don’t think so, either. But I used to think it was okay. Should I have been fined or put in jail when I used to smack your brother’s butt? Would that have helped me learn? I don’t think more laws are the answer. No law can make a person more virtuous.
  • EM:  I don’t think you should have went to jail, Dad.
  • Me:  I don’t think so, either. I think the way to change minds is not by making more laws. Pointing guns at people is an ineffective way of persuading them.
  • EM:  So, we should tell them that spanking is bad?
  • Me:  We can, but more to the point, you and your brothers and sisters can show the world through your actions and behavior that being spanked isn’t necessary to make a person virtuous. Some people think that if children aren’t spanked, they won’t learn how to be good people. You can show them that belief is false.
  • EM:  Okay, Dad.


And we conclude with a silly one:

18 January 2013

  • Science Kid (9):  I wouldn’t lick him if I was you…
  • Earth Mother (then 7): <licking SK’s hamster>  Why? His fur is yummy!
  • SK:  Because hamsters sleep in their poop!
  • EM:  Aaahh! Dad! Wash off my tongue!

2 comments to Classic Conversations

  • Kiki

    Awesome stories!
    You’re definitely reising these little ones to be compassionate human beings. Great job. 🙂

  • Tyler

    Love your Facebook page and all the conversations you have with your kids. Definitely taking notes for when I have my own! Keep up the good work and God bless!

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