Classic Conversations III

Another in the increasingly-popular Classic Conversations series.  Today’s edition:  my son learns about giving the man his “cut” and my daughter is revealed to speak “Baby”…

16 November 2011

Science Kid (then 8) buying video games, having this discussion with the store clerk and me:

  • SK:  It’s $19.99 for both games, right Dad?
  • Me:  Yeah. Plus tax.
  • Clerk:  That’ll be $21.19.
  • SK: <incredulous>  That’s not fair! It says $19.99!
  • Me:  That’s how sales tax works. You have to give the government a cut.
  • SK: <still incredulous>  So, when I buy stuff, I have to pay the government, too? Why?
  • Clerk:  That’s how the Man keeps us down, dude.
  • SK:  Kids shouldn’t have to pay taxes. I’m not even allowed to have a job. How can they take my money?


classic conversations

17 October 2012

  • Me:  I don’t know what she wants. She’s getting upset. Do you know?
  • Earth Mother (then 7):  I’ll ask her.
  • Me:  I already asked her. She just points and yells.
  • EM:  Dad! You have to speak “Baby”!
  • Me:  I do speak “Baby.” Goo-goo! Ga-ga! See, I can speak “Baby.”
  • EM:  Dad, real babies don’t say, “Goo-goo, ga-ga”! Didn’t you ever take care of a baby before?
  • Me:  No, never once. I’m totally new to babies. How many pooped diapers have you changed again?
  • EM:  <sticks out her tongue>
  • Me:  I thought so. Okay, then what do they say?
  • EM:  They say important things. Just different than you and me say them. I speak “Baby.” It’s one of my talents.
  • Me:  Well, find out quick because she’s getting angrier.
  • EM: <kneels down beside Honey Bear, talks softly to her>
  • Me:  What did she say?
  • EM:  She said she wants cereal.
  • Me:  She had cereal already.
  • EM: <shrugs>  I guess she wants more.
  • Me:  Honey Bear, do you want cereal?
  • HB: <nods her head, smiles>
  • Me: What are you, the Baby Whisperer?


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