Classic Conversations II

Classic conversations, Part II… Rebel Toddler edition

26 January 2012

Time to Wake-Up Daddy!

  • Rebel Toddler (3): <flops on my chest>  Da! You gets up?
  • Me: <grumbles, tries to roll over>
  • RT: <shaking me>  Da! Is time to gets up!
  • Me: <more grumbling>  It’s not time yet. I need more sleep.
  • RT: <tries to pull my eyes open>  No, Da! Mommy say to gets you up. So, gets up!
  • Me: <more grumbling>  Tell Mommy she’s full of… Okay, okay. I’m getting awake. Just give me a minute.
  • RT:  Da? You has bad breath?
  • Me:  Do I?
  • RT:  I tink so. You breath stinky.
  • Me:  Sorry.
  • RT:  Da? I has bad breath, too?
  • Me:  No, you don’t. Your breath smells fine.
  • RT: <bends over, points his butt at me>  See? Mine butt has bad breath!
  • Me:  Stop pointing that thing at me. I’m getting up!


12 January 2012

  • Rebel Toddler (3):  Da! Kin you tell I is getting big?
  • Me:  I can see you’re getting bigger.
  • RT:  Ya! Mine body get bigga everyday!
  • Me:  Is your brain getting bigger, too?
  • RT:  Mine brain?
  • Me:  Yeah. Are you getting smarter everyday?
  • RT:  Ya! I getting smarta, too. Soon I be as smart as you.
  • Me:  I believe it.
  • RT:  I getting strong, too. Want to see?
  • Me:  Sure.
  • RT: <picks up a stool>  See? Me strong!
  • Me:  Awesome.
  • RT:  Now, me strong like bull!
  • Me:  Like bull?
  • RT: Ya! Like bull!

classic conversations

31 January 2012

  • Me:  Did you grow in Mama’s belly?
  • Rebel Toddler (3):  Ya! A long times ago.
  • Me:  How did you get out?
  • RT:  Huh?
  • Me:  How did you get out of Mama’s belly?
  • RT: <smiles mischievously>  I come out of her butt!
  • Me:  No you didn’t!
  • RT:  Kid-din’! I come out of her ‘gina!


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