Man Vs Blizzard

"I Can't Believe My Dad Has to Drive Home in This Crap!"

One might think my workplace would be eager to curtail operations early as to allow their employees to leave before the snow begins piling up on the roads. Alas, this is not the case. If anything, they seem to keep us longer because they fear the next shift of workers will simply say “screw this” […]

“Triggers”, and How to Defeat Them

Our imperfect tree... Yet, our best one ever.

That time of year is upon us — you know, the holidays. For some, it’s a stress-fest; for me, it’s always been an extra special time for family, with one exception — setting up the tree. Growing up, the holiday season was the one time during the year that my dad was happy; as a […]

Empowering Them… They Can Do It Themselves

Cute baskets for everyone!

Hi, everyone. Mama Bear here. With our first two children, we (my husband and I) did everything for them. Food, drinks, clothes, toys — whatever they needed we provided, whenever they needed or wanted it. Going out? I would dress them. Hungry? I would get them food. Covers come off in the night? I would […]

Classic Conversations III

classic conversations

Another in the increasingly-popular Classic Conversations series. Today’s edition: my son learns about giving the man his “cut” and my daughter is revealed to speak “Baby”…

16 November 2011

Science Kid (then 8) buying video games, having this discussion with the store clerk and me:

SK: It’s $19.99 for both games, right Dad? Me: Yeah. […]

Why Can’t You Be More Careful?


A few months ago, my daughter, Tiny Dancer (then five), was building Legos at the kitchen table. She’d been at it for some time, meticulously crafting a castle, building vehicles, and setting up an elaborate world of her own creation. She spoke not a word while she thoughtfully constructed her masterpiece. Truly, I didn’t take […]

Classic Conversations II

classic conversations

Classic conversations, Part II… Rebel Toddler edition

26 January 2012

Time to Wake-Up Daddy!

Rebel Toddler (3): <flops on my chest> Da! You gets up? Me: <grumbles, tries to roll over> RT: <shaking me> Da! Is time to gets up! Me: <more grumbling> It’s not time yet. I need more sleep. RT: <tries to pull […]