What is Unschooling? Imagine Every Day is Saturday.

Unschooling - It Looks Like Life

You know what a typical day during summer recess looks like? Or a normal Saturday or Sunday morning? Now, imagine that all year long, every day. That’s unschooling.

What does this look like in our house? You’ll see mom and dad puttering around the house, tidying here and there, fixing this and that, chatting, giggling, […]

Dear NSA: About those Text Messages


Dear NSA:

Regarding the recent news that you’ve been collecting all emails, telephone calls, text messages, and most other forms of electronic communications…


I trust that you’ve found most of my correspondence to be quite routine – boring, in fact. Telephone calls to my sick mother. Those emails I’ve forwarded with adorable baby animals. […]

Can Peaceful Parenting Change the World?

Mama Honey Bear

Just something I’ve been thinking about…

Perhaps we’re doing it all wrong. Maybe the idea that one man and one woman get hitched, set-up their own distinct home, and raise their children (basically alone) is the cause of many of our current societal problems.

Taking care of children is difficult. Even in a committed partnership, […]

Why Be an Anarchist?

Voluntaryist Flag

Why be an anarchist? Going with the flow would be much easier. The path is far less daunting. If one speaks of ending the State, he is immediately dismissed as naive, out-of-touch, and, quite possibly, a terrorist. So many regard government as sacrosanct. Calling the State immoral is a fine way to lose friends.

So […]