So, You Say You Prefer Your Partner to be Circumcised? What these Women Say May Change Your Mind…

Routine infant circumcision (RIC) has recently been in decline across the U.S., with many parents deciding (correctly, in my opinion) that forcing a permanent body modification on an infant is unethical.  Obviously, an infant cannot consent to such a procedure.
The choice to leave one’s child “intact” is a decision more and more parents are making.  Rather than taking the decision away from their newborn son (by permanently altering his body), these parents are giving him the opportunity, when he’s older, to decide for himself.  Once the circumcision has taken place, it cannot be undone; by leaving him whole, he can make the decision for himself, as a grown man.

One aspect of circumcision rarely touched-on is the impact on lovemaking.  Unless one believes male bodies are all formed with an abnormality (the penis’ foreskin), then it stands to reason that the foreskin must serve a purpose.  And it does!  Many purposes.  Read more in this wonderful post by (with an obligatory NSFW warning).

If you’re American, much of this information will undoubtedly be new to you.  Our culture dictates that uncut penises are “dirty”, “disgusting”, and “smell bad”.  This is ridiculous, of course.  A snappy washing with soap and water will immediately solve any of those issues.  We Americans see cut (circumcised) penises as the norm; a quick look at the rest of the world should remove that bias.

In this post, we seek to address what men (and their female partners) are robbed of (with regards to sexual function and pleasure) when male circumcision takes place.  I asked the readers of our Facebook page for their experiences.  Specifically, I asked women who had experienced both “cut” and “intact” lovers to detail what exactly the differences were, both good and bad.  I also asked the opinion of men who’d had homosexual experiences with both “cut” and “intact” men for their input; unfortunately, I received no feedback.  But I did get lots and lots of feedback from the women.  And, as you’ll see, almost all of that feedback rates the experience of being with an intact male as superior (with all other things being equal, of course).

Obviously, this is in no way a rigorous scientific study, nor should you take it as such.  Keep in mind, too, that many of the readers of this blog and the Free Your Kids Facebook page are “intactivists” and, as such, could be considered a biased audience.  However, all of that aside, I think you’ll find their testimonies to be forthright and informative.

**Warning**  The following passages contain many — many — graphic descriptions of various sexual activities.  If you do not wish to read such things, you should probably click the “x” at the top of your browser and carry-on with your G-rated internet preferences.  If you’re still here, enjoy the rest of the post.

(I should add a hearty thank you to the fine ladies who answered our call for feedback.  Until MythBusters does a NSFW episode on intact vs. cut, your experiences will help shape the views of many who had never previously considered this issue.)

The only modifications I’ve made to the readers’ submissions are minor spelling corrections and formatting issues.  Everything else is presented exactly as it was sent to me.  Now, on with the show:

—  Hey there! This is in regards to your request for the nitty-gritty details about being with normal or altered men. All of my previous partners had been cut (save my current one), their penises were rough, and sex was rough. Although I had a great desire for sex, I frequently found myself faking orgasm to get them to hurry up and finish. I had frequent uti’s and bruising, sometimes even bleeding because of the jackhammering that had to be done for them to be pleasured.

I sometimes worried I wasn’t tight enough for them, and had to assume unnatural positions to try and clamp down on them during sex.   Oral sex was similar, I had my technique down. Close the mouth as tightly as possible, suck hard, lips over teeth til they bled. To this day I have callouses on the inside of my mouth. Bob head up and down as fast and hard as possible til my neck and jaw ached. I never realized how used I felt until I met my current partner. I thought men were just selfish, taking their pleasure without much thought to how it hurt women.

With my fiance everything is different. Sex is slow and intimate, we are in tune with each other. His penis slides easily into me, no stretching or tearing feeling. We have never needed lube, and I have never felt that my vagina was “too loose.” Even after having children together, he gets just as much pleasure. Blow-jobs are actually fun for me to give now, although it took me quite awhile to adjust to how sensitive his penis is. I just didn’t know what to do, lol. Then I realized, just treat it like I like my clitoris to be treated. There’s just so much more love and intimacy, I’ve never had to fake anything, and we often climax together. I would never rob my future son’s partners of that kind of experience.
—  I’ve always been opposed to circumcision since I first heard what it was. I was like, “Why would someone DO that to a baby boy?!” But when I was pregnant with our first it was a big deal to my (circ’d) husband that he wanted it to be done. So I did some research. When I found out that circumcision could cause chordee (curved penis) I was FURIOUS … this is what my husband has and it has caused us so much grief and pain. I’ve never been with anyone but him, but I know sex wasn’t supposed to be like this. We’ve learned to work with what we’ve got, but it’s been so hard.

Worse yet, he is already having trouble reaching orgasm sometimes … and he is only in his 20’s. I can’t imagine how we will be in our 50’s.

Luckily, once I shared what I knew with my husband he agreed to leave our baby boy the way God made him. Now I just have to work on forgiving my in-laws … they robbed us both of the sex life we were meant to have.


—  I’ve been with cut men in the past. My husband and son are both natural uncut. I personally found sex with an uncut man was painful. There is such a thing as too hard (to me anyway) my son will be 11 tomorrow and we have never had an issue with infection or being unclean. As long as they know the proper way to cleab themselves, there will be no issue.


—  I have been with both circ’d and un-circ’d men. I am lucky in that I enjoyed either way. The sex WAS different. Most of the circ’d men were very much “hard and fast”, very little foreplay or intimacy, and for some reason greater trouble expressing their emotions. The un-circ’d men were much gentler and preferred foreplay and more cuddling. They were also more emotional and expressed it.

My husband is circ’d but CHOSE to do it when he was 13 in the late 70’s. He says the healing time was only about 2 weeks, and the sex is a bit of a mix of the previous two. He also is much more emotional and expressive.


—  Hi! I would like to remain anonymous. I just wanted to share my experience with you. The first guy I was with was circumsized. Sex hurt me and I thought that was just how it was because I didn’t know any different. We had also had a conversation when he told me he had a few UTIs as a kid… yes a circumcised boy had a UTI so the myth of circumcision being cleaner doesn’t make much sense to me. I had a few other circumcised partners and experienced the same discomfort. Then I met my fiance who is intact. When we were intimate he was gentle and it was pleasurable. I wasn’t sore after and couldn’t believe how much of a difference it actually made. I was relieved that sex didn’t have to be painful. We have 2 beautiful children together, a perfect little girl and a perfect INTACT little boy. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


—  I prefer to remain anonymous please. I only dated one man who was not circumcised. From a woman’s point of view I prefer them to be circumcised, for me it was a matter of cleanliness. I could not get passed the odor of urine. Even after a shower it did not go away. The foreskin did not bother me during actual intercourse.


 My add on the circ. talk: for me it was once you ride intact you won’t wanna go back;)
—  Hi! Just thought I would share my experiences with circ’d and intact men and the reasons why I chose to leave all my boys whole. First my boys. I had my first son at the age of 16. I was sooo young. He was born 11 weeks early. When the nurses came to me and asked if I wanted him circ’d I asked them if there was something wrong with his didn’t know why they would want to do it, he was so tiny. I didn’t have it done.

I have had three more boys since then and have not had them cut. With boy number two I actually did research, even though my husband is intact we wanted to make an informed decision..not one based on cultural norms and to make them match daddy. I am glad we stood against my family and did the right thing. I think my boys will thank us when they are older My oldest is 21, my youngest is 18 months. the only trouble we have ever had was youngest had one mild penile infection..not enough reason to circumcise preventivly in my opinion.

Now on to my own personal experiences as a woman. I was a ‘troubled’ youth. No father figure, disfunctional mother. I was a bit promiscuous. I have seen a few penises in my time. Thankfully I have since grown and learned and been happily married for 17 years now Its in my experiences that circ’d men tend to be rougher. You have to teach them not to ‘pound’ or ‘jackrabbit’ intact men are more gentle, slower. Intact men tend to be noticeably larger as well. I enjoy sex with intact men because they also can help lubricate, no need for gel. I don’t get sore as easy.

I did not like giving oral sex to intact men, it was more difficult to me, more moving parts so to speak. My husband has since shown me how he likes it, and I figured it out, no troubles now Now I enjoy giving him pleasure in that way. I have never noticed a smell, I have never gotten an infection from my husband. He has never had any problems with his forskin. In fact when asked he said “its so sensitive not only can I tell which way the wind is blowing but the humidity and temperature as well, and that our neighbors are having a bbq ” I hope I did not offend or share too much, just trying to give honest account of my point of view, I hope it helps…


—  I dated a man for four years who was intact. His penis looked longer when it was flaccid. When he was erect there was no difference in the appearance, aside from the lack of scar tissue. It did not take me long to get used to it. I did tell him that he was my “first” and allowed me to inspect his parts after that my curiosity ended.

My husband is circumcised. As far as sex is concerned I have not noticed any difference in their parts.

We chose to not circumcise our son when he was born 6 years ago. The nurse at our hospital told us that there are more boys intact now than there are “cut”. She also stated that there was no medical reason for having the surgery, and he has never had any problems so far with yeast. I am glad we have allowed him to remain natural, and if he wants to change things when he is an adult, he can. I am used to seeing his au natural and seeing a boy that has been circumcised seems very odd and short to me.
—  I’d like to respond to the circumcision post. When I was pregnant we decided not to find out the gender of our baby, but I made sure to have this talk early on. (As an intactivist all I could think of was keeping my baby whole, as nature intended) The dialogue brought a level of emotion up in my husband that I hadn’t seen in the 8 years we’ve been together. He was circumcised as a baby, and never thought much about it until we started talking about the function of foreskin. After all these years he confided in me that he does not have feeling in several areas of his penis. He thought it was normal growing up, but as he got older he realized that the circumcision was botched and he feels robbed. I’m glad I finally know, so that I can maximize pleasure in the areas he does have feeling in, but I’m upset that he’ll never get to experience what it feels like to have a fully functional, healthy penis. And furthermore I feel like I got jipped!

I personally feel that this is a human rights issue and that no person (parent or not) should have the ability to make such a personal decision.

I’d be happy to share our experience and the affects of an all too common botched circ, but kindly ask that you do not use my name.


—  I have been with the father of my children (who is uncircumcised) for 10 years, and I enjoy the sex much more than any of the circumcised men I had been with before. But to be honest, at this point I don’t know if I could separate his physiology from his person when it comes to us being together. In other words, I do think there are differences-not as much pounding, for instance-that can be attributed to his being intact, but so much more passes between us that his foreskin cannot possibly be the defining aspect of the quality of our union.

He does seem to be more sensitive to sensation than those without, but he also is more familiar with his body, less prone to feel shame, tender-hearted, and he cares about me more than any other man I have ever been with. Is it a difference I enjoy? Yes. Is it the definition of him as a man, as a lover? No, of course not. Also, since I just went and re-read your request and the following comments-oral sex with my partner is so much more fun than it ever was with another who did not have his skin. I don’t know what people are talking about, except for hygiene. There is so much more play. It should be clean, but then for me that is always best when engaging the more hidden parts of anyone’s body. Best!


—  I will tell you, I definitely prefer intact. My experiences with cut men often left me hurt (feeling chaffed and irritated). While experiences with my intact fiancé don’t. Also it is much easier to perform oral sex and hand jobs! Plus there is a sensitive spot on the top of an intact glans that ,when stimulated, produces the most amazing full body twitch I’ve ever seen happen in a man!


—  I’ve only been with one man who was intact, and I have to say I like it. Nothing bothers me orally, and intercourse-wise it just seems easier since much of the friction happens within his own parts…


—  prefer circumcised but it could be because my first husband was abuser and it destroyed any fun on sex. This being said after letting myself be talked into circumcising my first son, my second stayed intact.


—  My current partner is the only circumcised man I’ve been with. Sex is sore!!!! After any more than 5 minutes it gets sore and uncomfortable. I find with intact men it just kind of “flows” naturally and feels fine. Unfortunately he was circ’d due to medical issues when he was about 8. I also find foreplay more difficult, there is no natural lubrication. Hope that helps your blog! Good luck and keep on inspiring!!


—  To elaborate on some of the problems my cut partners have had: inability to cum during oral (2 of them) difficulty cumming during sex at all (1 of them) overly curved (1 of them) getting dry to the point of bleeding in the winter (2 of them). The only problems the 2 uncut men had was one of them caught a yeast infection from me and was told it was because of his foreskin. Both of the uncut men were very happy with their dicks.


—  I prefer intact men. I have been with one circumcised man and he could never climax during sex, he would always have to masturbate afterwards. I dont know if this was a result of his circumcision or because he was a furious masturbator haha. My now husband is uncircumcised, and though i prefer penis’ like his, i cant do blowjobs because the foreskin throws me off my game. I don’t think i prefer intact penis’ for their looks, i think i prefer them because circumcision is a barbaric stone age practice that never should have been allowed in the first place, let alone continued once it was proven the cornflakes man was indeed a flake. I have a 6 month old son and he is intact, its not my penis to go cutting.


—  As far as preference, I have been with both circumcised and un…

I don’t have a preference for feeling, but both of the circ that I have been with wished they were not due to having less sensitivity.


—  I was raised in a very strict catholic household and attended strict catholic schools. So, of course, when it was time for teenage rebellion I became a rabid slut. Looking back now, I am absolutely appalled at myself, but it makes me fairly qualified to offer you some insight into your circumcision inquiry.

I didn’t knowingly see an intact penis until I was 19. An acquaintance mentioned his intact status and was thrilled to show it off in all it’s turtlenecked glory. I was intrigued. We ended up having a sexual relationship (rabid slut, remember?) and I didn’t put much stock in it at the time, but it definitely felt better than the many previous encounters with intact penises. Since this guy was slightly older than my previous partners, I just assumed he was better at it and had some slick moves that the guys in their teens and early 20s just hadn’t learned yet. Even though I was 4 years into my rabid slut phase, I still experienced pain and discomfort especially during the relentless pounding that seemed to occur right before the male orgasm.

Shortly after this intact experience, I entered into a long-term relationship with a circumcised man. I became obsessed with receiving cunnilingus because it was the ONLY way I could have an orgasm. I thought it was just me and I was just incapable of vaginal orgasm. No biggie though. I mean, who doesn’t like getting head?!

After the demise of that relationship, I entered into another long term relationship with another circumcised man. Sex was terrible and so was the oral. I spent a LOT of time pleasuring myself. The sex was so awful I ended up cheating with an intact man. It was wonderful! I chalked it up to the thrill of cheating and being discovered that made it so exciting. I experienced my first vaginal orgasm, but certainly didn’t attribute it to foreskin.

Jump ahead a few years and a few generic sexual partners later. I met my husband. We were friends first but the sexual attraction was undeniable. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of marrying a man with a foreskin (the cultural ideal of circumcised being normal seriously clouded my judgement), but the sex was terrific and I loved him, so married we were.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant with our first child, a son, that I even mentioned circumcision to my husband. As an intact male, he was adamant about keeping our boy intact. I fought for having him circumcised. It was a point of contention for a while but i figured I would just send our little boy off to be circumcised while my husband was otherwise distracted and he would get over it. Then, during a birthing class at the hospital where we would deliver our son, they showed a picture of a newly circumcised baby penis while discussing newborn care and how to take care of your new baby (they showed it like it was just normal for all moms and dads of sons to have to do this). That little tiny penis. It was bleeding and purple and pissed the fuck off. I started crying and had to swallow my own vomit. I made the decision then and there that I wouldn’t do that to any child of mine.

Skip ahead a few years, my sons pediatrician gave us really shitty advice regarding intact care and our son ended up having issues with his foreskin. His pediatric urologist was adamant about NOT removing his foreskin and I didn’t understand why. He stated, “you cause more problems removing it than by keeping it on.” Well, that started my quest for knowledge. I read everything I could. I started paying attention to my husbands foreskin during sex and foreplay. I finally realized that precious encounters with intact men were awesome because of the foreskin and not because of “slick moves” or the thought of being caught cheating.

So yeah, there’s my experience with intact and circumcised. Any questions, feel free to ask. Glad my rabid slut days could be useful.


—  This message is regarding the circ or non circ. I’m in love with a man who is and he would have liked to have been left intact. Now why I say this is because everyone I’ve had sex with in the past were intact but I never really orgasimed or had as much fun as you do when you are in love with the person. Though from time to time we need lube. which may be the biggest difference. Hope this may help. so I’d prefer if no one was cut, but circed guys can rock it just as well, or maybe they just did not care in pleasuring me as much as my hubby now. LoL. Our son is intact and I hope he is happy he can make his own choice.


—  I am 36 years old i got married for the first time when i was 16, he was circumcised, i used to have problems with dryness and chafing, he would get like rug burn on his penis, he always blamed me and i never knew why, we did have a very active sex life though, after 10 years we divorced.

that year i met my current husband who is not circumcised, right away i noticed i did not have those problems at all, as i was pregnant with a boy i started researching and right away found an article about the functions of the foreskin which explained the reason behind all the problems with my exhusband, because of the extensive research i did i left our son intact. Also because of my research i am now an intactivist

so due to experience with both, i very much prefer intact men.


—  Following up on your request for opinions and experiences regarding circumcision. My partner is uncircumcised and it definitely enhances our sexual experience. He has more sensitivity than other men I’ve been with and it’s so much fun to be able to give him pleasure by using his foreskin to either blunt or intensify sensations. Aesthetically, I think it’s really nice to look at, flaccid or erect. For me, physically, it creates an extra level of sensation during sex because of the way the foreskin slides along his shaft and the head; it feels really good. Being with him has definitely given me a preference for an intact penis.


—  After being sexually active for 10+ years, I started a relationship with my first intact man this year, and I want to let you know that the sex is orders of magnitude better. I have no idea why. I think because he is more sensitive, he can more easily pinpoint and target the exact areas I need stimulated. He also savors the act much more than anyone else I’ve ever been with, taking his time and exploring me. I don’t mean for this to sound erotic, just trying to make clear that I’ve tried a fairly large number of men, and I believe his intact penis has made a huuuuge difference in our sex life. And it’s wonderful. (My son is also intact, although his father wasn’t and I’d never even seen an intact penis in real life.)


—  Uncircumcised has been a better experience for me because — for lack of better words– it seems to ‘fit’ better and not feel as harsh. With circumsized partners I’ve experienced discomfort..a sharpness?? Regardless of the size or experience of the uncircumcised partner…it’s simply felt more comfortable.


—  I have been with both intact and circumcised men, and I prefer the intact. For instance: When giving oral, it was much easier to do so with the intact man than the other. I guess there is more to work with so to speak? It seemed like a lot less work with the intact man. It also seemed like the intact man enjoyed sex more (not sure if the person or if because he was intact).


—  I spent the majority of my young adult years experimenting sexually, I was very open and adventurous, and gained a lot of valuable life experience. I lost count of the number of partners I’ve had, though I remember each man and the experiences vividly.

Thankfully, I was in the military for part of that time, and that made the variety of men and their circumcision status more varied, as they were from all over including foreigners.

My first several sexual partners were all circumcised, from back home in the south where that was common. I noticed that sex was always quite painful, and thought its because I was not yet very experienced, that it was “supposed to hurt” the first few times. When it continued with subsequent partners, I thought it was somehow *my* fault. I was too dry, needed lube, wasn’t “doing it right” – something, but surely it wasn’t their fault.

Then I had my first intact partner. A Caribbean man, much larger than my previous partners, but whole. When I saw it, I just knew it was going to hurt – if all the average sized men had hurt, certainly such a behemoth would be excruciating! But it wasn’t. It was smooth and sensual, it felt amazing. No pain whatsoever, only pure pleasure. At the time, I didn’t put two and two together and realize WHY it was better. I just knew that without a doubt it was.

More painful sex with circumcised men, then another intact partner – this time from Italy. Another blissful experience. I remember laying in bed, stroking his penis and examining his foreskin up close – I was fascinated. I started watching the way it moved when I stroked him, how there was no friction and no need for lube at all. All of a sudden, the lightbulb went on! I had a suspicion that THIS was what it was all about, this was why it didn’t hurt!

This cut/intact pattern repeated many times, always with the same results. Every time I had sex with a circumcised man, my vagina and labia were sore, chafed, dry, and tender for several days afterward – regardless of whether the sex was slow and easy or rough. Many times, I would chafe until I bled. This never once happened with an intact man.

I also noticed a massive difference during oral sex. With circumcised men, not only did it take so much longer to satisfy them orally (which made my mouth, jaw, and neck muscles hurt), but there was such a noticeable texture difference that was very unpleasant. Their glans were rough and dry, sometimes calloused or scaly feeling. It was like licking sandpaper. Not to mention the hairy shafts, curved penises, skin bridges, and scars. It was not at all pleasurable for me and difficult pleasure for them.

On the other hand, the intact men were amazing to give oral to. It was smooth and silky, it felt fantastic on my mouth. There was no need to spit in an effort to lubricate it enough to perform oral, and it didn’t take forever to please them. They also had their frenulum still, which made oral sex a mind blowing experience for them, and instead of me suffering through, I actually greatly enjoyed it and looked forward to being able to do it.

I’m now married to a tightly circumcised man, who I love dearly. However, the sex is painful and its gotten to the point where I would rather chew my arm off than have to do it. Mentally, this sucks, as I miss being close to him that way – but the pain is at a level that I just cannot possibly suffer it. We now only have sex about 4 times a year, and I dread every second of it.

A few months ago, he began manual foreskin restoration. In just 2 months his coverage went from a tight CI-1 to approximately a CI-3 or CI-4, with almost complete forced erect coverage (FEC). I can now give him manual or oral sex with less problems, and will be attempting sex again very soon and we are hoping for marked improvement. It’s a long process, but we are very hopeful. It’s unfortunate that its even necessary though, as it should never have been forced on him. Parents do these horrible things to their children, never considering the feelings of that child as an adult, or how their future partners will feel.


—  My DH’s erection has a pinch in it when erect, where his scar tissue is, and it literally leaves a deep indent around the circumference when erect. It doesn’t seem to hurt, but it’s quite noticeable. His sex drive is subpar, and I miss the extra lubrication and heat of an intact penis.

But I love him completely and it is what it is.
—  I only ever had been with cut men up until my boyfriend in 2008. Before then, sex was ALWAYS painful, I felt like I was being cut with a knife every time. Sex with my intact boyfriend was not much different in the sense that everything seemed to work the same way. It didn’t look different when erect, etc.. The only difference I noticed was that we both enjoyed sex. And it didn’t HURT. After we broke up…the boyfriends after him have been cut. I’m in so much pain that I don’t WANT to be intimate. And for all the people that say that cut men are cleaner, that is so untrue. They can be very, very stinky.


—  Been with both. I prefer circumcised. The smell of uncircumcised ones are gross. I wanted to keep my son natural because what I read but husband thought he should be circumcised like himself. I dated someone for five years who was uncircumcised until he was 18, he tore his penis while having sex with his girlfriend. He said it hurt liked hell to be circumcised at 18 and not been able to get a hard on at that age was really difficult. My grandpa tore his penis having sex with my grandma in his 80’s. I see that being a downfall of being uncircumcised. Don’t use my name please.


—  I wanted to comment on your request for opinions on circumcision. I have had two long term relationships…’one of each’, I guess you can say. The things that I have noticed, as a woman, is that, first of all, my current partner, who is intact, is up for a second round much quicker than any of the circ’d guys that I have been with. He could go all night (if we had the energy…we have five kids and he works 80 hr weeks, so it’s energy, not stamina that’s the issue). The other guys would ‘have fun and be done’, so to speak. The second thing i’ve noticed is that, even though he’s approaching 40, his sex drive hasn’t slowed a bit. He could easily keep up with any college guy when it comes to desire.


—  I’ll try and keep it brief. When I was 19 (so still fairly inexperienced) I had a sexual relationship of about 7 months with a circumcised guy. I used to experience dryness and thought it was my “fault” and was worried he would think he wasn’t arousing me enough etc. That said, I did like his thrust technique in that it was exhilarating but it didn’t really induce orgasm as great as it was, so we used to do other stuff so that I could have my turn.

Regarding the dryness, however, I hadn’t really considered this till I read your article but I have never experienced anything like this since (my husband is intact and he was the next guy I was with). I have never ever needed any lube or anything like that with my husband.

Thrust wise, my husband and I do more of a thing where we intertwine my legs around him and its a more subtle thrust and whilst it didn’t always make me orgasm at first, we now (after 12 years of marriage) have it down to a fine art!


—  Re circ: As a female, sexually, I have no preference either way. My ex was au naturale and I called it The Hooded Cobra.  Um, that may be TMI… >sheepish grin<

That was when it was flaccid; when erect it looked the same with no obvious extra skin but when, um, in action, so to speak, the extra skin enabled a smoother piston effect with less need for lubricant, I guess you could say. Whereas a hand sliding up and down a circ would need some saliva, doing the same on an uncirc would cause the extra-as opposed to loose-skin to: easily slide up and over the head then retract on the downstroke to look the same as a circ. You follow me? ( Geez, I’m 52 and blushing! )


—  Hi,regarding your circumcised/uncircumcised post today, generally I prefer other ways of support and show of attention to sex, but actually I enjoyed it more with a circumcised partner, quite possibly due to other factors involved like they care for me more than my ex, etc …. just a contribution to your stats.


—  In regards to your question about circumcision: i have been with a total of 6 men in my lifetime thus far, one being my husband. all of the men i was with before my husband were circumcised, my husband is not. i can honestly say that for me, being with someone that is intact is much more pleasurable. my husband is the only man that has ever made me achieve an orgasm. i don’t think this is entirely because he is intact, but i don’t think its just coincidence either.


—  Saw your post. Chiming in WHOLEHEARTEDLYwith a strong preference for intact men.

I have a unique situation. I’m polyamorous. I have a husband who is cut and a boyfriend (this word is so wrong- he is just as much of a life parter but we don’t share children or a home) who is intact.

The difference is CLEAR and profound. I’m not relying on memory. I’m currently experiencing both sides of this coin.

There are pheromone glans that are only found on the foreskin- I think besides the mechanical differences, this is a factor. I love both my men very much but there is a “chemistry” factor w the intact man- and it may seem silly but I think that has something to do with it.


—  When I met my 2nd husband, he is not circumcised and was the first man I had ever been with who wasn’t. It is a much different experience. It’s much better.


—  I have had 2 intact partners in addition to my circumcised partners, and my current bf is cut. He suffers from delayed ejaculation, and has never been able to orgasm from oral alone in his life. Like the majority of my other circumcised partners, he also has to jackhammer away at me to orgasm. At best, this is awkward and not very pleasurable for me, at worst I’m sore for awhile afterward. I feel lucky however, knowing there are some couples out there who suffer much more because of circumcision.

I like foreskin. Probably because its a natural, pleasurable part of a man’s genitals that they all SHOULD have. My intact partners had zero sexual dysfunction issues, infections, or UTIs. And I never had to use artificial lube with them. Neither have any of the other 3 intact men I personally know. Infections and the like in intact males, if frequent, are probably more due to improper care in adolescence. Too many parents and doctors are misinformed and believe you have to retract and clean underneath the foreskin from infancy, when in reality it is fused to the head of the penis until sometime during puberty.

The sexual preference of a mother should NEVER be a deciding factor in whether her sons are cut or not. It’s his penis to use for sex, and his sexual partners in the future should certainly not include his mother, so why would anyone decide that? Same thing with the father. I don’t care how much he likes his cut penis. He never knew the difference anyway, and his son may very well grow up to be one of the many men restoring their foreskins today.

I resent that my boyfriend was circumcised. He’s the best guy I’ve ever dated, and our sex life isn’t as it should be because his parents cut him in ignorance, probably just trusting what their biased & circumcised doctor told them was right.


—  I have only been with two guys that weren’t. And the only one I’ve ever had any type of actual pleasure with was my husband, who isn’t.


—  i experienced sex with both circumcised and non and it was great most of the times. i sincerely felt no difference. maybe the circumcised man, which is my actual husband has a longer organ.. i don’t know if this is due to the surgery or just his nature. we have an excellent sexual life.

but we had a baby which i decided not to circumcise, in Egypt.. I was probably the only crazy mom in that hospital, who said no.

I am happy that my husband, egyptian citizen, didn’t argue. he just told me that our son will feel embarrassed in a world of circumcised boys but he let me do what i feel is best for our son. i am so proud of my decision. pls don t mention my name. have a great day!


—  I had never seen an intact penis before I met my husband, and I had never achieved an orgasm during sex with any cut man I had been with. After having sex with my husband for the first time, and having my first orgasm during sex, intact is so much better! We have no need for lube, and my husband has never had any type of genital infection.


—  My first husband was, which is really unusual here in the uk.  He struggled with premature ejaculation


—  In addition sexually I prefer circ and have had less issues with infections with my second circ’d husband


—  I am going to give a little over share here  I have had my share of partners. Two of them have been intact. My first boyfriend and my current boyfriend. There have been TEN years in between my first and current boyfriends. In that time, I have had the WORST sex of my life. Literally pounded so hard that my thighs hurt, rough dry sex. I always thought it was me. I tried drinking more water (was I dehydrated??) I tried so much. Some guys even blamed me (“Why do you get so dry so fast?”) I met my current boyfriend and not only do I orgasm every time we have sex, it is never ever dry. There is no friction, he moves in and out so easily. It feels good just to have him inside me. I am never sore or in pain. I have literally never had better sex in my life. My first partner was the same way, but I was young and had no experience. He can go two or three more times with little time in between. It feels VERY natural, for both of us. It only magnifies the terrible sex I have had in the past. I feel so bad for what I have taken from my sons, I had no idea circumcision had such an impact on a man!
—  When I was a teen I spoke to a teenage boy who was circ’d as a teenager, he hadn’t had sex but had… hmm how do I put this, pleasured himself before and after. He said there was a huge difference and it was a longer, less enjoyable experience after that he wasn’t always able to finish. He was circ’d overseas without his consent shortly after puberty.


—  I’m not going to get too graphic but I have also been with both circ’d and intact men, and hands down intact is way better every single time. (circ’d can be good too, but a foreskin is definitely a plus) Also just judging from the whole experience the intact men just seem to enjoy sex much more and get way more pleasure out of it and have to try much less. Intact men can delay their orgasm and also have multiple orgasms.


—  I had multiple partners before my husband. My husband is the only intact man I have had sex with. With circumcised men, it would hurt me to have sex. For lack of a better way to describe it, they rubbed me the wrong way. I always assumed it was me. Eventually my body would get used to it, right? Or perhaps I had scar tissue or something…? Everything changed the first time I had sex with my husband. The difference was AMAZING. Not only didn’t it hurt, but I actually orgasmed during sex for the first time ever. Another thing, we don’t need to use lubricant.


So, that’s it.  7000 words worth.  Should give you a lot to think about.

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